Ways Your Support Person Can Help

  • Babies need many people to give them love. And mothers need many people to help. Maybe your support person is your partner, the father of the baby, a friend, or a family member. As the support person, you can:
    • Hold, bathe, or change the baby.
    • Take care of the baby while mom takes a nap.
    • Help with housework, cooking, and errands.
    • Help with the other children in the family.
    • Children need lots of love and support when a new baby joins the family.
    • Support the breastfeeding mother: tell her she is doing a good job, get her a snack and a glass of water when she breastfeeds.
    • Go to the baby’s provider visits when you can. Ask questions.
    • Be understanding. Having a new baby can be a stressful and tiring time.