Methods of Birth Control


Fits over the man’s penis. Catches sperm.


A shot of hormones you get every 3 months. 


A small rod with hormones that goes under your skin. Works for 3 years


Covers the cervix. Prevents sperm from going into your uterus.

Foam, Suppositories, and Film

Made of chemicals that kill sperm.

Intrauterine Device (IUD)

A small device your provider puts in your uterus. Stops sperm from joining egg.

Pill, Patch and Vaginal Ring

Hormones that stop ovaries from making an egg.


Natural Family Planning

Learn fertile days. Avoid sex on fertile days.



Makes you unable to have a baby. Permanent.

Emergency Contraception

What do I do if I had sex and...

  • The condom broke or slipped?
  • I didn’t start my pills on time?
  • I missed my depo shot?
  • I didn’t use any birth control?

You have the option to take emergency contraception, or Plan B. Here are some facts about Plan B:

  • The sooner you use it after you have sex, the better it works.
  • Plan B is very safe.
  • Some women may feel a little nausea (feeling like you need to vomit).
  • Plan B will not end a pregnancy if you are already pregnant.
  • Your provider can give you a prescription for Plan B.
  • For women forced to have sex, the emergency room at any hospital in Massachusetts will give Plan B. It’s the law.