Covid-19 in Pregnancy at BMC

One of the things we are doing to keep you and your family safer during this time is to decrease the number of times you need to come to the clinic to see your midwife or doctor in your pregnancy. You will notice that you will be coming into the clinic a lot less, but speaking with your provider a lot more on the phone. We are working on things like video chat and home blood pressure monitoring to make the experience and care the best possible during these times, and will let you know if those are an option for you. 

We are also trying to have your visits with your provider the same day as ultrasounds to reduce the number of times you need to come in. Remember to visit the lab if your provider has ordered any tests you might need. 

You will be seen less frequently in the beginning of your pregnancy, and then more often as you get closer to your due date so we can monitor your blood pressure and baby. Our hospital is fully staffed and ready to take care of you, so we will be here when you are in labor or need to come in. Please call us before coming in so we can be ready to take care of you. 

Here are a few things that are different at BMC during this time:

  • Support people are NOT allowed during ultrasounds or prenatal care visits at BMC.
  • Only one labor support person is allowed when you are in labor
    • That person will be asked to stay in your room the entire time (not coming and going)
    • Please bring food, toiletries, and clothes that this person may need for your labor and postpartum stay. 
    • Do not park on the street where you will need to move your cars. Valet and the Albany Street Garage are open
  • Children under 18 are not allowed to visit while you are in the hospital
  • Family and friends should wait at home, not our waiting room, for news and updates
  • Enter through Menino for your appointments (Yawkey Entrance is closed)
  • Our midwives, doctors and nurses are still seeing patients for prenatal care and we are fully staffed on labor and delivery. In some cases, we may encourage your scheduled prenatal or postpartum visit to occur via telephone to decrease visits to the hospital. 

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