Prenatal Care

  • Clinic check-ups: We want We want to keep you at home as much as possible to protect you and your family from COVID19. You will have about 6-8 in-person visits with your doctor or midwife.
  • Ultrasounds: We offer everyone an ultrasound at 12 weeks on the day of your prenatal visit and at 20 weeks on the day of your prenatal visit. If you have a higher risk pregnancy, you may need more ultrasounds and tests for your baby. We will try to make those visits on the same day as your prenatal visit so you don’t need to come to the hospital often.
  • Phone/video check-ups*: You will have about 4-6 phone check-ups with your doctor or midwife instead of clinic check-ups. To prepare for your phone visit, you will need to do these three things before you talk to your doctor or midwife:
    • Check your blood pressure at home: If you have a blood pressure cuff at home, you should check your blood pressure before your phone visit. You report the top and bottom numbers to us.
    • Check your baby's movements: After 6 months of pregnancy, you can monitor your baby by checking how long it takes the baby to move 5 times. You should do this check before your phone visit, also.
    • Weight: If you have a scale at home, you can also check your weight before your phone visit. If you don’t have one, that’s OK.
  • Pregnancy information: Download the Hey Mama App to your phone and get information about how to be healthy in pregnancy. You can see how your baby is growing by putting in your due date. We will also send out important messages through the app.
  • Support and connection: Stay connected to friends and family virtually. Online breastfeeding and parent support groups can be helpful as well. Check out for links to online support groups. If you have lots of stressors, you may also qualify for a doula (Birth Sister) who will visit with you during pregnancy and be with you during birth. Ask your provider if you are interested in these programs.

How to take your blood pressure?

Step 1: Make sure the cuff is plugged into the machine.

Step 2: Slide your arm through the cloth loop

Step 3: Make sure the “Φ” symbol is on the inside of your arm opposite from your elbow

Step 4: Tighten the cuff by pulling the cloth through the metal ring and paste the Velcro together

Step 5: Press the button

Step 6: Watch the machine light up and let the cuff slowly tighten. You will see numbers on the screen.

Step 7: When the blood pressure is done you will see three numbers on the screen. The first number is the blood pressure top number, the second is the blood pressure bottom number and the third is your heart rate. You can tell your doctor or midwife these numbers but it will also be sent to them directly.

Note: If other people in the house use your cuff please tell your doctor or midwife, or else they will think that number is your blood pressure too!