Directions to Labor and Delivery

Arriving at the Hospital

If you arrive at BMC between the hours of 5AM and 9PM, enter through the Menino Pavilion, 840 Harrison Ave. If you arrive after 9PM and before 5AM, you’ll need to enter through the Emergency Room entrance on Shapiro Drive (off of Albany St.).

Take the Yawkey building elevators to the fourth floor, the Women and Infants Center and check in at the front desk to be registered.

Once you're at the Hospital

You’ll be taken to triage to see if it is time to be admitted (stay on labor and delivery). Sometimes when labor has just started it may be too early to stay at the hospital. If you and your baby are healthy you may be sent home to wait for labor to progress.

Is it really labor?

You may have contractions that do not open your cervix. Your provider may ask you to drink water and walk for 1 or 2 hours. Your contractions may stop or get stronger. The provider will check your cervix again and decide if you should stay or go home.

  • Once it is determined that your baby is ready to be born, you will move to a private birthing room.
  • During labor, you will have a primary nurse and a midwife or doctor in charge of taking care of you and your baby. You may also be seen by resident doctors in obstetrics, family medicine, or emergency medicine during your labor. Anesthesiologists are available if you want an epidural during labor. Medical students, student midwives, or physician assistant students, may help you in labor, together with your midwife or doctor.\

We will:

  • Check the baby’s heart rate
  • Check your cervix to see how dilated you are
  • Have blood taken for some tests
  • You may have an IV placed (not everyone requires an IV in labor)
  • Discuss your pain control options
  • Talk to you about the risks of labor and birth and ask you to sign a consent form to care