Planning for birth

Health care proxy

All people who go to a hospital are offered a health care proxy. This is a person who can decide about your care if you are not able to make decisions due to a physical or mental problem (such as being unconscious). Read the health care proxy form. Think about whom you trust to decide for you. You can fill out a health care proxy form and give it to your provider.

What to pack when you go to the hospital

  • A car seat
  • Lip balm and hair ties
  • Pajamas, robe, slippers
  • Several sets of spare underwear
  • A change of clothes to wear home
  • Comfortable support bra or nursing bra
  • Toothbrush, deodorant, soap, and lotion
  • Clothes for your baby
  • A camera if you want to take pictures
  • Music or music player
  • Charger for your phone